What About The Dog?

The lookAs soon as they hear a suitcase roll out of the closet, dogs know someone or everyone from his clan is going to be leaving soon.

Then they give us that look, and it’s a heart breaker!

Whether your ideal vacation means heading cross-country for a month or to the beach for the weekend, your dog may not think the adventure is so great. Many dogs simply prefer their own turf. Or some may be too stressed by travel to enjoy themselves. That’s when a professional pet sitter can ease your pet’s mind, and help you have a less stressful departure.

Joanne & I expanded our business to include private in-home dog sitting because neither of us would think to kennel our dogs. There are many behavioral & medical reasons why we avoid it, but if you do love your kennel and it’s suitable for your pet – we think that’s great!

No matter what your choice of care is – your dog will wonder why they are not going with the family.  Here are a few simple things you can do to help him before you leave:

Bring the suitcases out a couple of days before you begin to pack.

Someone should play, walk, or just give attention when it’s time to pack. Avoid everyone packing at the same time and running around frantically.

About a hour before you actually leave, do something very special and active with your dog. Maybe a hike in the woods a good game of fetch or chase. Your dog will be so happy & tired right before you leave that his body will tell him to take a nap instead of pacing the house.

Happy Travels!