Jan Nasiadka
Professional Dog Trainer, C.D.T.I.

jan training

Jan’s specialty is personalized training sessions to fit your lifestyle in the privacy of your own home and neighborhood. The courses are custom tailored to you and the specific needs of your dog, using only positive reinforcement training techniques. I am not just the dog trainer but your personal trainer as well. I coach and support you every step of the way, so that in the end, you and your dog will have a bond and understanding for one another that will be far greater than ever before.

The programs listed below gives an overview of the programs offered. Jan can help you pick and choose the specific training you and your dog(s) need to accomplish your goals.paw graphic

Private In-Home Dog Training Programs

One Happy Lesson
If you only need a lesson or two, this is the way to go. One lesson includes consultation and recommendations for training, and is designed to work with you to develop a plan to train your dog based on his/her specific behavior. One specific unwanted behavior can be worked on in this lesson.

Happy Puppy Training (for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old)
Designed to introduce your pup to all they need to know to become a happy, well socialized adult dog and to make the most of the pup’s potential. Specifically designed to be fun and mastered by all members of the family, youngsters included. We will even bring one or more of our trusted Happy Dogs that is best suited for your pup to help with proper socialization. Puppies don’t learn good behavior from other puppies, they learn it from already happy, socialized and well mannered dogs.

Happy Puppy Camp (for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old)
The first 12 weeks of your puppy’s life are the most important, make them count! Specifically designed for your pup to be one on one 24/7 with Jan and her trusted personal Happy Dogs in her own puppy proof home. We will ensure your puppy gets the right start with intro to potty training, sleep through the night, basic come, sit, & stay commands and probably the most important… the very crucial dog socialization so your pup will be well socialized with other dogs big and small. This also helps avoid developing possession over his/her food & toys which is very common in single dog homes. You will receive lots of pic and videos of how you pup is doing. When camp is completed Jan will bring puppy home and spend 2-3 hrs with you and your family  so everyone knows how to keep the training going.  If you want a happy family dog your pup should learn in a Happy Training family home, not a doggie boot camp kennel.

Happy Basic Obedience Training (for all dogs over 6 months)
Dogs at any age can learn! Lessons are scheduled once a week and are designed to help socialize and train your dog with basic & advanced commands. The lessons also include problem-solving ideas for most behavior challenges. You will learn how to successfully communicate and bond with your dog. Loose Leash Walking, Focus, No Bark, Long Distance Sit, Stay/Lay Down, Wait, Leave It, Stop, Close

Rehabilitation Training (10 Rehabilitation sessions)
A custom tailored plan where I work to rehabilitate your dog on one specific issue you are having. Once your dog achieves the goal, the time is then spent showing you how to keep it going on your own. Rehab examples: Separation anxiety, aggression, fear of people, places or other animals, cars, vets office.

Group Training Programs

NEW! Puppy Preschool (exclusively for puppies under 6 months)
Our Puppy Preschool training program provides safe, professional socialization experiences, off-leash time with other puppies, rest time and basic socialization training. Designed to support your puppy through some of their most critical socialization periods. Our focus is on proper socialization and basic puppy training such as Sit, Come, No bite, and No jump. We include picking up and dropping your puppy back home for each session.  

Dog Socializing Sessions (Happy Yappy Hour)
Is your pup missing out on playing and socializing with other dogs? During this time of human social distancing and online/zoom meetings (and happy hours), your dogs can be “zooming” around a well-protected, safe environment frolicking, unleashed, with other well-behaved dogs specifically chosen by Jan to compliment your dog’s personality, temperament and energy level. We will pick up and return your dog after quality, supervised playtime. Your pup will return from the adventure outing a refreshed happy dog at home.

I highly recommend Jan for any and all training services she provides. We had Jan come out to our home for a series of training sessions for our German Shepard who immediately took a liking to her, as did we. Jan is very professional, candid and thorough. She incorporated my three children into her sessions which was wonderful and provided us all with a sense of confidence. We are still amazed at how her techniques worked so quickly and have since referred her to another family who is using her services as well. Jan makes you and your pet feel like family — may sound weird, but she’s just so wonderful to be around and fantastic at what she does.

– Lisa & entire family!

We serve the town of South Windsor and parts of Ellington, Manchester and Vernon for training, please inquire!

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