Tip of the Month – June 2011

Training a Pen Pal

pooping dogHere’s a great tip if you’re tired of scooping up dog piles all over your yard!

Using materials of your choice, build a basic pen in your backyard. Then, set up a schedule of mealtimes, playtimes, and naps for your pooch, allowing time for potty breaks after each. Escort her out to the pen after each activity. Once their, give a verbal cue, such as “Get Busy.”  If nothing happens within a few minutes walk away with her and try again 10 or so minutes later (earlier if she starts sniffing around for a place to go). If she does have an accident, be patient and quickly bring her out to the pen and praise her so she associates going potty with that location.  You may eventually be able to break down the pen and your dog will still use the same area.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by at “Paws on the Promenade”.
It was just great to see so many of you there!

Jan & Joanne