Tip of the Month – April 2011

But my dog loves ice cream…

sharing ice cream wiht the puppyDogs sure do love people food!  Ask anyone who started giving their dog table scraps with their dog food how they can no longer give straight kibble to their dogs….  but is it safe for them?

I feed my dogs the occasional piece of cooked chicken and raw veggies while Joanne’s dogs love baby carrots and small pieces of some fruits (bananas, apples & even oranges).

One of the most canine-toxic human food ingredients is Xylitol, an increasingly common sugar substitute found in everything from cupcakes to toothpaste.  This is a very good reason not to give your dogs any processed foods.

Here are some foods that most experts agree dogs should definitely not consume:

Alcoholic Beverages
Bones from Fish or Meats
Cat Food
Candy or Other Sugary Foods
Coffee, Tea or other Caffeine products
Dairy Products
Fat Trimmings
Grapes, Currants and Raisins
Macadamia Nuts
Peach and Plum Pits
Rhubarb Leaves
Tobacco and Marijuana
Yeast Dough

We know how hard it is to resist those pleading eyes when you are eating something they want, but we should do what’s best for them.  They will still be grateful if you substitute a baby carrot or even one of their favorite dog treats because it’s coming from you, with love.