Thank you very much for the usual impeccable care that my boys get when we are not here.  It is very assuring for me to know that when I am not here they are looked after with such care and concern. Being an empty nester now and not really liking it, even makes coming home to these boys even more sweet. Thank you again for everything. Truly appreciate it.

-Chris R, Glastonbury, March 2017

Jan and the Happy Dogs at Home Team have been incredible. I have two Great Danes, a Standard Poodle, and a cat and Jan and Rachel have been amazing. I use Happy Dogs at Home for midday visits, training, and overnights. My pets love Jan and Rachel. The training has been remarkable for my Great Danes. They have had an almost instant positive change with Jan’s training – they are well behaved and are more confident now. And the overnights, I can’t say enough about. I am someone who can be overprotective with my pets but I am totally comfortable when Jan or Rachel watch them for an extended time. I receive updates and pictures of my pets and a written summary upon my return. Overall, I am ecstatic with this service, all of my pets couldn’t be happier and I would whole-heartedly recommend Jan and Happy Dogs at Home.

-Tara, South Windsor  February, 2017

I was so impressed with the way my dog responded to Jan from the moment she jumped on her in the driveway!  Jan was gentle but firm. clear with her expectations and understood what both my dog and I needed to be more successful in our training. Thank you Jan!  

– Morgan, Granby, February, 2017

This company is a God send. They have performed services from training my puppy, to working with behavioral issues, from dog sitting, dog “babysitting”, over night visits, etc. I have never experienced such professionalism, passion and quality from any other dog care. Highly recommend them. This company goes above and beyond their services. I leave my dogs, who are family to me and my family, and do not worry at all about their care and well being. These women show love to your dogs as you would. They take the place of you when you are not there. I am happy to say that my dogs and my family are also “family” to Happy Dogs At Home. If you have dogs, and you want the best care possible, look no where else, this is the company for you.

-Chris R, Glastonbury January 2017

Don’t know what you did on your first visit, but rumor has it you are a dog whisperer! He has been delightful ever since you were here.  He goes into bedroom and waits for his food.  I do not have to use the box to send him there, he hears me prepare his meal and automatically retreats to the bedroom and waits.  No angry outbursts either.  I am looking forward to working with you and hope to have a happy family soon. Sit, stay, roll over and paw are all done with eagerness too. So, whatever you have planned for us I look forward to positive results.  

-Rachel, Manchester  Oct. 2016

I have total trust in Joanne when it comes to my dog. I am a helicopter dog mom and worry about my baby. He has never been to a kennel and I can tell how happy he is to be home and have Joanne come to visit. She has cared for him for 6 years since he was a puppy. She has access to our home and he can also stay home when we are away with Joanne coordinating his care. She helped to socialize him when he was a puppy. I can relax and focus at work knowing he will have a wonderful midday visit. He has zero anxiety, is fully exercised and is a pretty balanced dog. I credit Happy Dogs for giving him the outlet he needs while we are at work.

-Carolyn, Glastonbury  September, 2016

I would give Jan a 10 if I could. She was amazing with my little guy and knows her stuff! Any dog owner that is looking for training, look no more… she is top notch and worth every penny! I will never go anywhere else.

– Amanda, South Windsor  Sept, 2016

We love Happy Dogs at Home, Jan takes very good care of my very active dog Lily!!

– Peta, South Windsor  Sept, 2016

We had plans to go to CA, not intending to also have a puppy at home. We had the chance to get a female sheltie in March. Here we were with plans to leave Poppy for a week and our original plans for puppy watcher fell thru. Panic was setting in till Jan came to our rescue. We had met Jan when she came to the house before this for some initial puppy training. She is awesome dog trainer.
Long story short, we left with complete confidence that Poppy was in the best of care. We never once worried about her. We came home to a very happy puppy. 
Happy Dogs at Home is simply the best! 5 stars is not enough…..I give it 10!

– Sharon, Glastonbury  June, 2016

Lucy is doing great with the barking. . I only have to tell her quiet once (in what to me in a much deeper/loud voice) and she stops. Thanks again for all your help! I hope one day I can walk her around people and dogs and she can confidently walk beside me. I know that day is a long ways away but thanks for bringing me closer to that possibility!!

– Elise, Manchester  March 2016

You are among my blessings and I can’t thank you enough for helping us!! Cabo and Hunter say thank you as well. 🙂

– Denise, South Windsor  Dec 2015

Jan has the skills, experience, and personality that makes her a successful dog trainer. She has recently spent time with my dad and me in training his very rambunctious Springer spaniel puppy. This breed is very active, and Andy was proving too much for my dad, a senior citizen. She helped my dad work through some of those typical puppy issues and, with her training, Andy has proven to be a good student.

My dad now enjoys his daily walks with Andy, which were not at all pleasurable before the training. Jan always takes time to listen to our concerns and spends as much time as it is needed to sort out the problems and find a solution. She has a friendly and optimistic personality and her love for dogs shines through.

– Debbie, South Windsor‎

dog sitting - liberty“My husband and I recently went on vacation for 3 weeks in the Caribbean. We were unsure of what to do with our “child/dog” Liberty, a rescue. We contacted Happy Dogs @ Home. Enough said! For three weeks, Jan and her sister Joanne, came by twice a day to feed, walk, play, etc., with Liberty. They took in our mail, alternated leaving lights on in our home and even took Liberty on daily outings. We came home to a very happy dog who now had a new stuffed toy named “Duck”, a dog who had received a lot of love and attention, a dog who did not feel that she had been moved to a new home for 3 weeks. This experience was so stress free for all, that I have since used them on a day when we were both going to be gone for a full day and have put in our reservation for next year. We highly recomend Jan, Joanne and Happy Dogs at Home!”

-Dotti, Manchester

Thank you for your good care of Timmy while I was away on business. He kept coming come from the various kennels I tried with eye infections and kennel cough – I am so relieved to know that I can travel and that he’ll be okay when I return.  The extended daily “adventure” visits are a huge plus, I’ll be using them in the future when I have a late day at work.

-Susan, Glastonbury

jen's clientsI have Jan as my trainer for our dogs Shaggy, Scooby and Rosie.  DJ comes three times a week to walk our guys.  I can’t say enough about these amazing people who I as well as our dogs have been lucky to have come into our lives.  They have both done amazing things for our family.  We adopted two puppies after we lost our dog to cancer. Our dog Shaggy was very lonely and we ended up with two new puppies at once by accident and decided to keep both. If it wasn’t for these Amazing people we would not have been able to have all three.

-Jen, Marlborough

Jan is impeccable in her training.  We called her in assisting us with our Chocolate Lab puppy.  She immediately set up an appointment and came and met with us.  Her skill in training the dogs (we have a Golden Retriever as well) and patience is highly effective. She will work with you as well as your dogs until you and your dogs are understanding and producing the command.  On several occasions I contacted Jan to assist us with a new issue and immediately addressed it for us. There are many trainers out there that will “train” your dog but Jan shows compassion to the dogs in their well being and their care.  I HIGHLY recommend Happy Dogs at Home. It is a reassuring feeling to have such a quality business assist in training and caring for your dogs.

-Christine, Glastonbury

Thanks for everything and not giving up on our Sammy when others did.
 We can’t wait to work with you again.

– Mike S., South Windsor

bacardi and lunaAfter adopting 2 rescue dogs we were faced with many unknowns both in their personalities as well as what their past care had been. We soon discovered that one of our dogs had an extreme fear of being near and riding in cars, becoming very sick both emotionally and physically. Also, our dogs bolted out the door as soon as anyone attempted to enter the home and no amount of recall would bring them back.

I am so thankful that we met Jan with Happy Dogs at Home. She has been amazing with our dogs and has worked hard with us as a family and our dogs to put together a consistent training schedule that helped us become more confident, and a successful strategy to help our dog’s fears.  We can now open the door to greet guests, our dogs stay and come immediately with just one quick call.  Most importantly we now take car rides with our dogs!  Long gone is the dog that was scared just at the sight of our car.  He now jumps right in when the car door opens and loves to ride with his head out the window.

Never have I met someone so committed to their families and pets. Jan was so patient and formed such a strong bond with all of us that she is now part of our family. I could go on and on about Jan as there are many other things she has accomplished, from walking without pulling, alleviating their fear of water, and good manners with guests who come into our home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– John, Kris L., Vernon

Just returned and can’t thank you enough for the good care of my “boys”!  This is the first time we’ve left them with a pet sitter and were so impressed to find the house in the same condition we left it and not a speck of “poop” in the yard – WOW!  I especially liked receiving the text with photo while we were traveling – very comforting to see them looking so happy!   Thank you for going above and beyond what we ever expected.

-Mark, Glastonbury

dogs sleepingBrutus and Brindle are doing great.  I can’t thank you enough for all you did.  I can walk them on leashes, they don’t jump on visitors anymore, they listen to their commands and most importantly I don’t have to worry about them fighting anymore.  They have become best friends and play together for hours on end.  You’re the best! 

-Karen, East Hartford

Jan has been a fantastic trainer to Jim and I. And oh, Marley is doing well with her too!!! Need a personal dog trainer?? Call Jan!!

– Fil A.,  Manchester

I wanted to thank you for taking care of Bauer.  I really appreciate all that you did for him.

-Pam,  South Windsor

Tucker and MillieGot home after 1 a.m. and soooo happy to see my happy dogs!!  They were very welcoming but I could tell that they were completely satisfied.  You are a true treasure, but guess I knew that already and it was so much easier being away knowing they were in their comfort zone.  You were so good to them and again, thank you.  Keep the key for the next trip!

-Jackie G, Portland

aceNot only does our 16 week old Labradoodle get a fun, energy draining mid-morning walk from Joanne while we are at work, we are so lucky to have someone who takes the time to educate us on Ace’s puppy habits and update us on his daily successes.  He loves his time with Joanne – and we find her tips very helpful!

-Carolyn & Dave, Glastonbury

“My husband and I had never left our pets with a pet-sitter before, and were a bit nervous about it at first, but once we met Jan, we knew they would be in great hands. We were happy that Jan took the time to come to our house, twice, before we went away, to get to know our two dogs, two cats, and our foster dog! Jan connected with our pets right away, and we were able to enjoy our trip without worrying about “our babies.” Soon after we got back, Jan gave us a full report on how they all did, and we were happy to hear that they had so much fun, they didn’t even miss us! We will definitely use Jan again the next time we  have to go out of town.”

-Melissa, Vernon

Thanks so much for taking such good care of the pups while we were away.  We had a great trip and it certainly helped to have peace of mind that Oliver & Scarlet were getting their daily workout. 🙂   Thanks again and we will definitely be in touch the next time we go away!

– Jennifer, Wethersfield

“We hired Jan to help us with the newest member of our family. Liberty is a rescue dog and had no training at all. After the first session, she was actually sitting on command. We have noticed a great change in Liberty and she is not as “wild” as once was. We will definitely call Jan again to further her training.”

-Dottie, South Windsor

lucy and tinkerbelleJoanne, thanks so much for your care of Lucy and Tinkerbelle! They are always in great spirits when I arrive home.

-Dennis, Manchester

oliverI LOVE Jan!   She is not only a terrific person, but she is MAGIC with animals. Oliver is now the best behaved walker and both he and I are grateful for it! She came over yesterday for the follow-up and brought Yuki (sweetie pie!) and we had a “get along with doggie” session. Again, her savvy, patience and great spirit came right through. She’s my go-to person from now on!

– Evelyn L., West Hartford

Hi Joanne, thanks so much for taking such good care of the pups while we were away.  We had a great trip and it certainly helped to have peace of mind that Oliver & Scarlet were getting their daily workout. 🙂   Thanks again and we will definitely be in touch the next time we go away!

Jennifer, Wethersfield

Jan is beyond a expert dog trainer, she is compassionate person who uses all her amazing skills to ensure each person in the family is confidante in skills need to handle even the most difficult dog.

My sweet happy puppy was attacked by another dog. By the time she was 13mo my sweet puppy had totally changed for the worst. She became …very aggressive towards other dogs and no longer enjoyed our hikes so we stooped and found our selves not living the life we had previously so enjoyed with him. Nothing worked and I was told by our Vet it was too late for him and he had to wear a muzzle at the vets.

I hired Jan, as my wife was now in fear of her own dog. Jan came to our home, put a plan in place, and worked one with my dog and my family with incredible patience and compassion for both us and our dog. My wife and I watched in awe as Sammy began to show signs of her old self. Jan also worked closely with my wife and I with such compassion and even few jokes to keep us from stressing out. We soon realized she not only saved our dog but put peace and happiness back into our home.We all cried tears of joy when Jan had us walk our Sammy side by side with another dog for the first time.

Today we are back on hikes, loving life with our sweet Sammy and look forward rehiring Jan long term to take advantage of all her services and exceptional training skills. She is worth every penny! My only regret is that we didn’t hire her first.

– Mike and Carol, Manchester

maggie and molly

The best dog sitters ever!  they put up with all that my two darlings could dish out.

-Linda, Manchester

Okay, so once again I am blown away by the dedication of Happy Dogs @ Home and their services.  Jan came by last night to return our key after pet sitting and she had a complete photo montage of our dogs “vacation” with her while we were away.  It was set to music and was just beautiful! I don’t know who had a better time while we were on vacation….us or the dogs?! LOL!  Thank you so much for loving our dogs as much as we do.

– Kris L., Vernon

Thanks so much for all your help with Neva and Buddy!  This is the first time in a few years I have felt comfortable leaving my pups – so we’ll be going away again next month and will see you then!

-Valerie, Coventry

ErikMy wife, Joanie, and I hired Jan to train our dog Erik who is a half lab and half Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue from Tennessee.  Erik is very shy around other dogs and because of his ridgeback background he is stubborn or is a self-thinker.  Jan worked with Erik on commands and taught us how to treat our dog which helped us tremendously.  We are one big loving pack now.  Jan is very talented and very good at training dogs but you also have to remember you will need to work with your dog meanwhile reinforcing what you learn on a daily basis.  Jan can and will get you where you need to be with your dog.  My wife and I continue to hire Jan for sitting services, as well.  I hope you take the opportunity to use Jan’s dog training skills, you will not regret it.

– Joanie and Ray, Ellington

We met Jan last summer at South Windsor’s Paws in the Park. We had only had our new puppy, Biscotti, for a couple of weeks but knew we would be using Jan when it came time for training. We were very glad we did.

Not only was it wonderful to have Jan train in our own home but wonderful to see the way Biscotti responded to Jan while growing to really love her. A month or so after we finished our first sessions we called on Jan when Biscotti had a very bad grooming experience for some advice. The next day Jan came to check on Biscotti herself. It was the first sign of happiness I had seen in our puppy in over week since her grooming ordeal. We will be using Jan again in the near future. Not only is Jan a wonderful trainer (our dog whisperer) but as a friend.

– Robin & Paul, South Windsor, CT

chase and presleyI could not have asked for a better person to work with my boys! Presley and Chase have shown great improvement. Jan is absolutely a dog lover and it shows when she is with them! I would have her work with or take care of the boys anytime – and time and time again!

– Lauren & Ken, West Hartford

I highly recommend Jan for any and all training services she provides. We had Jan come out to our home for a series of training sessions for our German Shepard who immediately took a liking to her, as did we.  Jan is very professional, candid and thorough.  She incorporated my three children into her sessions which was wonderful and provided us all with a sense of confidence.  We are still amazed at how her techniques worked so quickly and have since referred her to another family who is using her services as well.  Jan makes you and your pet feel like family — may sound weird, but she’s just so wonderful to be around and fantastic at what she does.

-Lisa, Rocky Hill

I am more than happy to highly recommend the services of Jan Nasiadka as a professional trainer and pet sitter.  I first met her at a group dog walk about a year and a half ago and was very impressed with how well she communicated with the many dogs.  I then contacted her to sit for my 1 year old Wheaton Terrier while I was on vacation.  Brady was so undaunted by my absence that I have used her pet sitting services every time I travel.  My goal for Brady is to go into pet therapy and recently asked Jan to train him for that role.  Under her tutelage, he has shown great potential and I give her great praise for training both of us!  In short, I can only say that Jan has made my relationship with my dog much simpler, less stressful, and a lot more fun! She just “gets” how to communicate what you want your dog to do in a way that both you and your dog understand.

-Carol, South WIndsor

We have 4 terrier dogs of which you could say were excitable at the very least and of which we had no control over.  We actually have 2 females that have fought to blood and surgeries because we were unaware of the pack imbalances we had created.

We had gone through 2 trainers and 1 behaviorist at a large sum of $$ before Jan and once Jan came in we knew that we had fond what we were looking for.  Her pricing is in line with other behaviorist and sure you could go cheap, yes we did.  But that ended with 2 surgeries which were emergency and on Sundays so that equaled a lot of $$. Jan worked with us to understand what we expected and fit her training to our expectations.  Custom tailored training is not easy to find at her pricing.
Our 4 have now learned (well we did too) not only how to coexist but our house is peaceful.  Jan spent the time needed showing us not only what we needed to do but on what our dogs needed.  Her training was tailored to them and our lifestyle.  We went from 4 years of tension to enjoying our home and pack and love every one of them for their needs and ours as well.

– Laurie, South Windsor

I must say that you both have been so professional and have put my mind at ease with leaving my dogs at home . We look forward to a long relationship with with both.

-Paulette, South Windsor

Thank you Joanne and Mary!  Abby was so happy staying at home in your care.  Mary went above and beyond adjusting Abby’s coat for the cold winter weather.  You guys are just great, thank you!

-Kathie, Portland March, 2017

Happy Dogs @ Home has been taking care of our dog for mid-day walks for nearly two years. We always see an improvement in our dog’s behavior on the days that she gets walked. We know that Jan and her team take wonderful care of our pup and we don’t have to worry about our dog when we’re at work. Jan and her team leave special holiday treats for our dog, which is so sweet – they just always go above and beyond. Both my husband and I would highly recommend Happy Dogs @ Home (and our dog would too).
-Kristen, Manchester

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Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.