Simple Thanks

To all of you who have helped make our business a success, and to your dogs for giving us their unconditional love – we send our sincere thanks and wish you a  Happy Thanksgiving.

A refresher on Thanksgiving do’s and don’ts for your dog is listed below.


Stuff Your Turkey Not Your Dog
It can be very tempting to give your dog a big bowl of turkey, mashed potatoes and  all the trimmings. Overindulging in fatty foods can lead to upset stomachs, diarrhea or a life-threatening condition called pancreatitis. A few strips of turkey is fine but no matter how she may plead, don’t overdo it. Stuff a Kong with a bit of peanut butter, their regular food and a little boneless turkey and sweet potatoes. It’s not much food, but it keeps them occupied for a long time.

Make No Bones About It  Your dog should avoid these foods on Turkey Day & every day:
Cooked turkey bones & the carcass are sharp, and potentially very dangerous.
Onions are toxic to dogs and can lead to a dangerous form of anemia.
Raw food should be avoided unless she’s already on raw diet, it’s a recipe for a very upset stomach.
Uncooked dough for rolls will rise in the dog’s stomach and can cause pain, vomiting, and bloating and send you to the ER on Thanksgiving.
Alcohol can lead to a coma and death. Walk away from a drink that’s set on the coffee table and your dog may not do anything she’ll regret in the morning, but she could become disoriented and quite ill.

Keep all food plates in an unreachable area. In the blink of an eye your very cleaver dog can seize the moment and run off with the turkey carcass! Our dogs wish we didn’t know all this stuff, but they do know we are their Leader who always looks out for their health & happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Pack to Yours!

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  1. Claudia Bernstein says:

    Thanks so much and congratulations on your success! Emails like this are part of the reason we appreciate having you taking care of our Bear!

    1. jan nasiadka says:

      Thank you so much for the support and entrusting Bear to us! I am looking forward to spending some snuggle time with him next week!

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