A Puppy for Christmas?

Holiday puppies are typically chosen hastily and given quickly, resulting in a huge “wow” factor, but the cuteness quickly wears off once the recipient realizes the huge amount of time they must now devote to the puppy, not to mention the ordeal of potty training during a New England winter! For the most part, people and especially children are simply not prepared for the responsibility and care of a puppy. Holidays also present many hazards for puppies that think everything is a toy! Mistletoe, tinsel, thin glass ornaments & styrofoam are all very dangerous to the curious pup.

Puppy with star


Instead, why not give an IOU for a puppy along with a gift certificate from Happy Dogs @ Home for temperament testing, puppy training or support services such as mid-day potty breaks or exercise. Wrap up a puppy toy with the certificates and you’ve got a lovely gift. The recipient can then thoroughly research dog breeds, sizes and energy levels to find the right dog for their personal situation.

Your gift of a holiday puppy will be much more appreciated if it can be brought home after the holidays when everyday life is back to normal.

Happy Holidays !
Jan & Joanne

Gift certificates can be ordered here:  jan@happydogsathome.com